We have added many great items today to our webshop.

Molded cheap blockcandles in different sizes

Among the added products, you can find molded block candles, which can be purchased in several different sizes. An D 7 size, with height H: 9.5 cm and H: 11.5 cm.


Cheap molded white blockcandles (Ø 7cm)

Are you in search of some small thin molded block candles, we have also added a pair of D4.5 cm, in the heights H: 10 cm and H: 25 cm.


View / buy them by clicking here.

Cheap napkins for the summer

We have also added a series of cheap napkins, some with animal motifs, and others just fit perfectly for the summer.


See the many beautiful napkins by clicking here.

Ornaments – Perfect to decorate in the home

In the field of decorative items, we have added a beautiful glass winestoppers with a black gift box. In addition to these, there is also a nice cat in glass, dancing couples, and a couple who make a swan.



The birds on spring – perfect for putting in the outdoor jars, are available in 3 different colors. All these new decorations for the house and garden can be found in our decorative category.