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Who is Ejstrup Lys?
How do we you produce our candles?
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Who is Ejstrup Lys?

Ejstrup Lys has since 1989 produced and sold own hand-dipped candles, blockcandles and handicrafts. Many years with one elemental focus – namely candles – has made Ejstrup Lys a brand that is characterized by high-quality and long burning. The quality and the customers are always in focus, which has led to a solid clientele – both inland as well as abroad.

On daily basis, the store is driven by Rita Olesen and Erik Nielsen, who together have run Ejstrup Lys for over 25 years. All these years – with quality in mind – has led to a solid product that is appreciated by local residents, tourists and traders. In particular, wholesale has risen in recent years; whereas flowershops and restaurants in particularly, can be mentioned.

Ejstrup Lys believe that customer satisfaction is the foundation for any successful business. Therefore, we hope our customers consider Ejstrup Lys as a business with high confidential value. Our customers can always ask us for advice, although this should be the questions regdaring parties, candles in generel, or just gifting advices.

Any question?

If you are unsure about anything; a question for a product, tips for table settings, questions about how to achieve the best conditions for your burning candles, or something else. Find contact information by clicking here.

Ejstrup Lys’ qualities

Ejstrup Lys can highlight a number of qualities that we are particularly proud of:

  • Ejstrup Lys’ candles are hand-made and hand-molded
  • Ejstrup Lys’ candles are solidcoloured, which means that they have an incredibly deep and warm glow when they burn
  • The candles does not soot and roams, and burns with a clean and clear flame
  • The candles have a long burning time, and produced by the best German quality of paraffin and stearic

How do we handmold our candles?

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Attractions and sights nearby

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