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Looking for how to decorate your occasions and at the same time make your home a beautiful haven, our decoration accessories are just the right answer. Give your living space a feeling of class with our various decoration accessories. Our accessories are ideal to make your occasions and even the humblest living area appear stylish and elegant.

At Ejstrup Lys, we offer various accessories for your home and party decorations including table place cards, table cloth, table runners, table decoration and accessories, candle rings, and other miscellaneous products.

Table place cards

Our table place cards are made of high-quality art paper. Put the name of guests in the blank place if you need. This will make your party elegant and glamorous, allowing your guests to feel unique.

Our table place cards are great for wedding bridal shower floral arrangements, wine glass decoration, engagement party, wedding stationery, and lots more. They add a fabulous and stunning effects.
Add an elegant and professional touch to your party with these table place cards which features intricate and romantic pattern. These beautiful and fun place card will show everyone that you care about even the smallest wedding details.

Tablecloth and Table runners

This beautiful, romantic table cloths could make such an elegant impression on your event table! It is an affordable, easy way to set up a special table décor. Our lovely tablecloths are a perfect touch of glamor to your weddings or event.

Our tablecloths and table runners are hemmed and machine stitched to the highest quality. They create sparkly table settings for your birthday tables, wedding tables, and other occasions. They are also great for use at home for your dinner parties. For your exhibitions, add some extra sparkle when exhibiting at fairs and markets by adding a sparkly tablecloth or table runner.

Table decoration and accessories

Add a special glamor and elegance to your events, occasions, and parties using these table decoration and accessories. Give your occasions and parties the desired appearance as seen in popular wedding blogs and bridal magazines.

Our table decoration and accessories are perfect for catered presentations, weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, classic candy buffets, dessert tables and more. They are great for any event and ideal for wedding decorations, wedding gift, wedding photo props and table top decorations. Make your wedding unique and unforgettable using these table decoration and accessories.

Candle rings

At Ejstrup Lys., we offer a large selection of candle rings for you to use with candles. Our various candle rings come in a variety of colors and sizes. Hence, there is something for every season. We have everything from small diameter rings to fit around the base of taper candles to large inch rings that fit your pillar candles.


Our various miscellaneous materials come in handy for your various home use. They can be helpful in holding your decorative pieces together, putting out your lights, and for some other functions within the home. They include Batteries for LED Block candles, Adhesive sheets, Gift Tags – Stickers, Candle cuffs, Wax adhesive discs, Extinguisher, Candle Plane and lots more.

At Ejstrup Lys., we have everything capable of transforming your home into an ambiance of ultimate comfort. You can get your spectacular accessories at our online store.

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