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Our various miscellaneous materials come in handy for your various home use. They can be helpful in holding your decorative pieces together, and for some other functions within the home. They include Batteries for LED Block candles, Adhesive sheets, Gift Tags – Stickers, Candle cuffs, Wax adhesive discs, Extinguisher, Candle Plane and lots more.

Batteries for LED Block candles

For those who prefer the flickering amber LED bulbs of the LED candles as compared to the wax or fire from other candles, these batteries can help to power your flickering LED candles. They are suitable to power your LED candles or as a replacement when the present batteries become dead. Enjoy all the beauty of real candles as you power your LED candles with these batteries. The batteries are really reliable and can power your candles for a longer period of time.

Adhesive sheets

Our adhesive sheets provide you with an incredibly strong, clear coverage without any tough application. Make use of these adhesive sheets in making your stickers. You can also use them in adding additional flair to your various designs with an edge to edge glitter coverage, micro beads, flocking, foil, and much more. Our adhesive sheets are ideal to be used on acrylic as well.

Gift Tags – Stickers

Attach these gift tags to any of your various Christmas, wedding, or any other holiday gift. They come in cute and varying designs. Some Santa, some animals, while some are plain. You are definitely going to find one which appeases to you, and suits all audiences. The shiny bits are a festive addition. They do not flake off like some cheap glitter products. Be rest assures that no glitter will spill over your carpet. With our gift tags, wrapping of presents can’t get easier. There is no need to use sellotape or string while labeling. Both the paper quality and adhesive are really good.

Candle Cuffs

Turn the atmosphere of your home into a classic, pleasant living area with these candle-cuffs. They come with various designs to inspire the nature of your home. The colors and designs fit perfectly into any style of your home inviting you to savor the cozy indoor candlelight.

The lovely design and color of the candle cuff are ideal for the contemporary retro wave. The natural coloring of the candle-cuff can be a new association of colors in your home. Perhaps place the candle holder in a light-colored arrangement to get a discreet, beautiful contrast. Try replacing or combining candle-cuffs to suit the season and likewise, your mood.

Candle Plane

Our candle plane can provide the right support for your candles, be rest assure that your candles get the adequate balance, with no wax spilling around. They also come in deferent designs adding glamor and enhancements to your decorations.

At Ejstrup Lys, we have miscellaneous product including Batteries for LED Block candles, Adhesive sheets, Gift Tags – Stickers, Candle cuffs, Wax adhesive discs, Extinguisher, Candle Plane and lots more. Check our online store to get a suitable miscellaneous product.

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