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IHRs factory is located in a rural area in northwestern Germany, surrounded by trees and nature. IHR is over 35 years old, where they have produced fine paper serviettes in all years. 30% of the IHR’s staff have been employed for more than 10 years. Many of these people live in villages close to the IHR and commute to work via bicycle. To cut down on energy consumption, use IHR not air conditioned.

Design of IHR-napkins

When IHRs designers are satisfied with a design, the new design of a new napkin, table runner or otherwise, it is forwarded to IHRs own printing facality called Deco Print. The complete range, including napkins, tissues and table runners are produced in eight-color printing machines standing in line – this process is known as flexo printing. Currently, the IHR up to 10 of these presses in operation. Besides IHRs own collection, they also produce napkin collections of well-known suppliers worldwide.

Napkins of high quality

Their printing facality Deco Print, located in Essen / Oldenburg, Niedersachsen – just a short distance from the designers, so they can guarantee high quality. From the idea to the final product, guaranteeing IHR high quality of their paper products.

It never stagnant development of new products and designs will give retailers and consumers an opportunity to decorate the home beautiful and stylish. The uniqueness of the IHR series is the team. Products are designed according to individual taste, ensuring harmonious interior of the home.

“Made in Germany” is a globally recognized stamp of quality

Products that are “Made in Germany” granted special status and has an excellent international reputation. German craftsmanship is also highly valued in the international market. Employees considered experienced, highly trained and good German working guarantees a high quality.

For many international consumers is the certificate of origin “Made in Germany” is an important criterion in the purchase decision. All customers can rely on the quality of their products. They are very proud that the napkins, tissues and table runners, which are the main products in their range, designed and made in Germany.

Want to know more about IHR, then you can visit their website: www.IHR.eu

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