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Paper + Design is a company founded in Germany, established in 1999. Paper + Design operates in over 80 markets spread across the world. Their headquarters are located in Saxony Wolkenstein / district Hilmersdorf, in Germany, where their 220+ employees daily works with innovative and inspiring ideas.

Napkins for all seasons

At Paper + Design, their talented designers works on new collections, which suits all table-settings and seasons. Their trendsetters are for example: holiday, design, Christmas, Easter, winter, autumn, summer and spring. Their napkins are produced with eye-catching patterns, giving your table-setting life and color. In addition, some of their popular selections are for example: colorful design, napkins for weddings, love, classic napkins, timeless design and napkins with animals. Particularly in the animal motifs, Paper + Design offers a great variety of inspirational products with animal motifs, which are likewise suitable for all seasons.

Certified Quality

Paper + Design also supports the prudent management of renewable resources, especially wood. Thus they have been certified to FSC standard since 2008, and they support a socially acceptable and environmentally use of forests on our planet.

At Paper + Design, innovation is not only reflected in the product-range and production processes, but also in environmental protection.

Paper + Design is convinced that the productivity and ecological awareness can be combined into a whole without contradictions. Efforts operational environmental protection was certified in December 2011 based on ISO 14001, and they were approved in accordance with EMAS III-order of the EU.

Read more about Paper + Design on their website http://www.paper-design.de/

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