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Brændende bloklys i hjemmet

Looking for how to beautify your home and at the same time make your home smell nice, candles are just the right answer. Set your living space glowing with candlelights. A candle is enough to make even the humblest living area appear stylish and elegant. The interesting part candles only cost little.

At Ejstrup Lys, we offer various kindle of candles for your home decorations including handmade candles including taper candles, decorative candles, Christmas candles, pillar candles, altar candles, advents candles, calendar candles, spiderweb candles, sphere candles, tealights, figure candles, scented candles, and led candles.
These candles are highly suitable for your various decoration such as birthday cakes, wedding tables, dining tables, hallway, and all other forms of home enhancement and beautification. We offer excellent interior candle decorating ideas that uplift the style of your home and give it a pleasant fragrance.

Decorate with Christmas candles

An exciting thing about the Christmas holiday season is having family and loved ones come together to have fun, merry, and celebrate the Christmas season. Make sure your home perfectly showcases this wonderful Christmas celebration by incorporating the brilliant shine and pleasant scent from the candle into your Christmas decorations.

Decorative Candles

The beaming pool of decorative candles is the ideal way of providing warmth throughout your home. Our stylish, elegant, decorative candles can perfectly suit the style and setting of your home. Integrate the glow from the decorative candles into your holiday, Halloween, and New Year decorations. You can likewise model a centerpiece using these decorative candles and fill your living area with bright shining light just to match the wonderful glow of the season.

Pillar Candles

Utilize these elegant pillar candles to create a radiant glow at your weddings tables, birthday tables, and dining tables. You can also use them at your Hotels, Restaurants, Spas, or even Churches. Create a fascinating arrangements using pillar candles as your centerpiece. A humble and elegant method of lighting up the night are with pillar candles

Tea lights

Sweet-smelling tea lights are perfect for decorating with the aroma. These exciting little tea light candles give lots of potential outcomes. Make use of various tea lights to give your home an astonishing style. You can likewise utilize it alone to give your living room a fragrant atmosphere. Tea lights can also be an ideal holiday gift for your guests.

Handmade Candles

Our handmade candles are a perfect blend of paraffin and stearin. You can only expect the best-burning intensity. The candles are molded in an old-fashioned way, making them able to give your home an inviting new look. These handmade candles come in various sizes and colors. What you get are bright flames and wonderful scent.

At Ejstrup Lys, we provide for you, various fascinating candles for decorating your home. Candles, when lighted, look flawless during the day or night for any styles of living area, Christmas parties, birthday parties, weddings, and various other occasions. You can place them inside jugs, on the table, or on other places such as steps, walls, windowsills, centerpieces, and doorways.

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