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Altar candles are the various candles which are set close by or on the altar for several religious rites and ceremonies. Several denominations have their respective traditions or regulations as regards the type and amount of candles to use. Ejstrup Lys, provides you with various altar candles to light on your altar during religious services.

Altar candles are beautiful, and safe. They are economical choices to wax candles. Ejstrup Lys. manufacture a wide range of sizes and styles which are perfect for your altar candelabra, candlesticks, and torches. Add a touch of class and a pleasant scent to your religious occasions with these wonderfully crafted altar candles.

You can place your altar candles directly on the altar. You can also place these candles on tall stands either by the side or behind the altar. As a safety precaution, secure the altar candles in some type of candle holder. You can even make the holder form various designs to enhance the look. You can also top it with a short tube made of glass, brass, to prevent wax from dripping from the candles. Some altar candle decorating ideas include:

Use wooden holders

This is a great decorating idea for your altar candles. Arrange the wooden holders in an appropriate style. You can make use of cut logs of various size. This will add glamor to the occasion. With these wooden blocks and a touch of creativity, make any design that suits the occasion.

Properly place the altar candles on the wooden holder. An elegant and fascinating setting awaits you. Due to the inflammable nature of wood, try as much as possible to be really careful. Placing the candle on an old glass or jar before placing on the wood can be a really good move. This would be very beautiful as well.

Natural Wedding

Create a wonderful look at your occasion using these altar candles. You can place the candles at the entrance, or even use it to decorate the pathway to the altar. This is a great way of decorating your occasion in a grand style.

Rustic Setting

Make a continual rustic centerpiece by making use of these altar candles and tree trunks. You can stop by a Christmas tree farm to obtain tree trunks. Weave them into the various style that fits the occasion. Light up the candles. You can also go further by adding greens, pinecones, fall leaves, etc. This will be a gorgeous addition to the setting. Perfect!

Tall Glass Centerpiece

Make a floating centerpiece on your alter by using wine glasses. Place the altar candles in the glasses. Light them up. You can also enhance the decoration with some piece of flowers. These wine glasses will make a wonderful center of attraction for your decoration. You can fill the glasses with colored water then place the altar candles inside.

At Ejstrup Lys, we provide for you, lots of fascinating altar candles for decorating your occasions. Check out our online store, for your various altar candles.

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