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Pillar candles

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At Ejstrup Lys., our pillar candles are handcrafted, and come in a numerous size and color variations. We provide you with rustic, smooth, marbled, and over-dipped pillar candles to choose from. Our quality pillar candles are over dipped and compression molded. With this, they are able to create drip fewer pillar candles with flawless texture. With the size, you are guaranteed longer burn times.

Pillar Candles are cylindrical in shape. With this, they are able to burn longer when compared with smaller candles. Create an atmosphere with a touch of design and class in your living area by making use of these block candles with rustic, marbled, or pure white colors. Some decorative ideas using pillar candles include

For your occasions

Utilize these elegant pillar candles to create a radiant glow at your weddings tables, birthday tables, and dining tables. You can also use them at your Hotels, Restaurants, Spas, or even Churches. Create fascinating arrangements using pillar candles as your centerpiece. A humble and elegant method of lighting up the night are with pillar candles

Made for your home

Do not hesitate to beautify the various areas in your home with our pillar candle. This has to be snappiest and most effortless approach for beautifying your tables, room, stairway, corridor and various other areas in your home. Display charming pillar candles all over your home. Place the pillar candles in various locations where they will get lots of attention.

Add glamor to your fireplace

Provide your burning fireplace with additional vibrancy using tall pillar candles. There is no specific rule concerning the preferable type of colored pillar candles you can use, even though a pure white arrangement of pillar candle will create a cohesive appearance which shows off the flames brilliantly. In case you are going for the rustic or marble block candles, producing the same illumination will require more as compared to the pure white.

Lantern light

For your lantern light, you can place the pillar candle in a lantern holder or box. Surround it using pinecones and fresh greenery. This is a simple way of making a classic and elegant centerpiece.

Fragrant light

Improve the scents of your living atmosphere by making a fragrant pillar candle the middle of your next holiday centerpiece. Weave some artificial green branches together. Place the pillar candle at the middle of the branches. Surround the branches with a collection of colorful bells, ornaments, and pinecones. Enhance with ribbon if you so desire. Perfect!

Holiday spirit

Get into the holiday spirit by lighting your home with an assortment of pillar candles. In case you celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, this is a perfect centerpiece for the occasion. Place a couple of pillar candles on a silver tray. Be creative in mixing the colors. Fill the rest of the tray using colorful cones or ornaments.

At Ejstrup Lys, our pillar candles are perfect for your various holiday décor, home decorations and lots more. Create warmth all over your home with these wonderfully crafted pillar candles. Give your living space a charming glow and a pleasing scent every time. Check out our online store for your various pillar candles.

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