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For your Christmas decorations, we offer lots of calendar candles with various designs that seamlessly fits into the occasion and style of your home. Our calendar candles can easily fit into any Christmas decoration. They come in various patterns and shapes. Some are even numbered.

These calendar candles can contribute to a warm cozy Christmas atmosphere in your home. Furthermore, the candles are very suitable for other decoration like wedding tables, birthday cakes, dining tables, and all other forms of home enhancement and beautification. Some excellent interior decorating ideas for uplifting the style of your home using calendar candles include:

Easy elegance

A little element of Christmas décor brings about a dashing display! You can place the Calendar candles Nice Angels with a single rose, a large ball ornament, and a couple of green sprigs on a white plate. You can keep the rose fresh by putting the step in a water tube. This will add elegance and style to your home.

Light it up

Light up the evenings using our calendar candles – Gold and silver Christmas trees and gold font. You can also style it up using use torches, or luminaries. Make sure to use what best fits the occasion. This is a simple way of adding glamor to your occasion. You guest will definitely love this.

Card-display tree

Display your Christmas cards by placing it on a centerpiece. You can easily make the centerpiece using twigs. Position the twigs in a vase or pitcher. You can place the calendar candles -Snowman with numbers – the make the setting more fascinating. For an additional spurt of holiday color, you can weave a red ribbon through the display.

Natural touches

Wintry white tulips can add a soft touch of elegance to a natural holiday centerpiece. Place different sizes of calendar candles in a glassware. You can also beautify the setting with fresh flowers. Finish it up by arranging silvery ornaments or metallic-sprayed pinecones all around. This will not go unnoticed.

Easy flower arrangement

Make your customized flower arrangement. You can cover coffee cans using wrapping paper. Enhance them using ribbon. Arrange them in a circular manner, place the calendar candles at the center. You can also add some green to beautify the arrangement.

Game greeting

You can spell out a seasonal greetings or message with Scrabble game tiles. Place the scrabble tiles on a platter. Bring elegance to the setting by lighting up a calendar candle close to it. You can also enhance the décor by surrounding it with fresh greens, ornaments, berries, nuts, or ribbons.

At Ejstrup Lys, we offer lots of accessories which can be used for your Christmas decorations. Add a touch of light, and a pleasant smell to your Christmas parties, birthday parties, weddings, and various other occasions with these calendar candles. Our calendar candles are perfect for any of your Christmas decorations and various another home décor. Check out our online store, for your various calendar candles.

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