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Candles are more than a simple source of illumination, they have become an essential element in every home. Our figure candles are amazing shapes which have being made using a candle. Among these wonderful shapes include houses, bears, dogs, snowmen, cows, footballs, seals, roses, cupcakes, and lots more. Figures candles are ideal for adding a touch of style and elegance to your children’s room, birthday parties, and various other rooms in your home.

Are you redecorating your home or just moved into a new apartment? To provide you with some inspiration about home decoration using candles, here are a couple of décor ideas, which will immediately add a serene ambiance and a mystic ambiance to your home using figure candles.

Beautiful vase’s

For a chic and simple home décor, put your favorite candle image in a clear cylindrical vase. Place a couple of cranberries towards the bottom. Wrap a bright red or another colorful ribbon around the vase. You can also add a sprig of greenery to continue the holiday theme.

Children’s play area

Make your children’s playing room more charming with these figure candles. A beautiful and sporty look using figure candles featuring their favorite animal and designs. Place it on different parts of the room, at the entrance or center of the table. Add little animal décor product to give it an enhanced stylish look.

Luminaire glow

Change a couple of white paper bags into luminaries to make a simple centerpiece. Make use of some ornaments or stars to decorate the bag. Weave red ribbon around the openings. Secure using tape. Light up some figure candles beside to beautify the centerpiece.

More party attraction

Candles are perfect for every party. Fill up a silver tray using different figure candles. Turn them on. Place at the middle of the party tables. Add some ornaments and other matching balls. This is a good way of adding elegance to your party.

Simple paper cones

Turn your various scrapbooking papers into a simple but magnificent tabletop spectacle. Create simple cones by cutting and folding these papers. Secure with tapes. Arrange them beside the figure candles. A mixture of figure candles and paper cones is perfect for any home.

Merry moss

You can make a low centerpiece by filling up a tray using moss and figure candles in various holiday holders.

Add elegance and style to your living space using our wide assortment of figure candles. At Ejstrup Lys., we have everything you need to transform your house into a living area with style and elegance. You can get your stunning figure candles at our online store.

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