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Handmade candles

Haandstoebte lys

Our handmade candles are a perfect combination of stearin and paraffin. You can always look forward to the best-burning intensity. The candles have been molded using an old-fashioned method. This makes it possible to give your home an attractive new appearance. These handmade candles come in various colors and sizes. At Ejstrup Lys, our handmade candles burn with bright flames and also give wonderful scent.

Our handmade candles include advents candles, taper candles, and decorative candles. These handmade candles are ideal for your various decoration like Christmas décor, birthday tables, wedding tables, dining tables, and various other enhancement and beautification of your home. We offer outstanding interior handmade candle decorating ideas which will elevate the style of your living area home, and provide it with a pleasant fragrance.

Start your Christmas with Advent

Add a colorful setting to your home this Christmas holiday season. You can make use of these handmade candles for your advent decoration. In some way, advent decorations is a way of setting the tone for all Christmas decorations. All you need is a truly creative mind. You can decorate your whole living home with by placing the handmade candles on lovely centerpieces in several forms and shapes over Christmas.

Beautify your kitchens

These handmade candles are really suitable for beautifying your kitchen which has already being filled with different sorts of greens. With your kitchen area or even your house smelling of candle wax and pine, you just made your kitchen a really attractive place during the holiday season.

Place at surprising spaces

Enhance the various corners in your living room using handmade candles. You can also create a path leading to your front door with these candles for a special occasion. Remember to attend to them from time to time, or better still, encase them in transparent jugs or glass jars so as to avoid any mishaps. Create different designs. Make your home appealing and attractive as your guest troop in, and out.

Integrate into your home

The beaming pool of decorative handmade candles is the best approach to providing a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. Integrate the glow from the decorative handmade candles into your living area. You can also make a centerpiece with these decorative homemade candles, filling your living room with bright magnificent light to complement the wonderful glow of the season.

Stock up on candles

Create a modest and fascinating centerpiece using a tray of flickering handmade candles. You can mix candles of dissimilar heights, and burrow them at fall leaves bases, unshelled nuts, and small pine. For the leaves, it is advisable to make use of freshly picked leaves which have not yet become dry.

At Ejstrup Lys., our handmade candles are ideal for decorating your home. The glowing pools of handmade candles make pockets of warmth throughout your home. Include handmade candles in your home as accents. Give your home a fascinating glow and a pleasant scent all the time. For your various handmade candles, check out our online store.

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