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Christmas candles

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One of the things which are prevalent during Christmas celebrations in lots of countries is Christmas candles and Christmas trees. At Ejstrup Lys., we have lots of amazing Christmas candles and Christmas trees that can give your home a wonderful look during the Christmas holiday season.

The lighting of Christmas candles that indicates the birth of Jesus as well as renewed life force which inspire numerous individuals for a brand new beginning. Christmas Candle Tradition represents purity, the right path which should be trailed in life. You can find them everywhere.

Christmas candles often come in various forms. You can use them to beautify your windows, tables, fireplace, trees, entranceway, and other places in your home. Christmas candles are a beautiful light addition to complement your Christmas holidays décor. You can also turn them into glowing greeting messages by hanging them up, on the door of your house, to greet your guests upon arrival. Apart from these, there are still other Christmas candle home décor ideas. This include:

Cranberry candles

To make a simple but exquisite centerpiece, you can place four or five Christmas candles in a row, carefully placed in red rectangular dishes. Spice things up by mixing Christmas candles of different colors. Fill up the rest of the dishes using cranberries. You can also garnish with a couple of pine twigs or artificial snow. You just made yourself a stunning centerpiece!

Holiday tiers

With the Christmas candle lit up at the center of your dining table, display any of your favorite Christmas cards using a tiered stand. You can also add ornaments, artificial greens, and small presents, just to make the place look attractive.

Balls of fun

Make a flamboyant centerpiece by lighting a Christmas candle in a silver bowl, and filling up the bowl with a variety of brilliantly colored ornaments. Balance the bowl on a stand. Cover the additional space on the stand with attractive greens.

Sparkling accents

Materials such as a milk starburst will be able to grab attention in a centerpiece. Decorate your home with candlesticks surrounded by milk starburst. You can also add pinecones. Rearrange the candleholders to add charm and glamor to the area.

Clear glass sparkle

Collect some glass bottles. Create a beautiful centerpiece with a collection of lightly tinted glass bottles. Place Christmas candles in some and small glass balls in the rest. Arrange it in an attractive manner. You can also add a branch of boxwood or any other greenery. Better still, you can make use of white dishes with a colored napkin on top. They look elegant and fascinating.

Pretty platter

Decorate a serving tray using silver ornaments. Tuck in branches of greens to make a simple but elegant centerpiece. Fill it with ball ornaments, additional greens, and Christmas candles of various sizes.

At Ejstrup Lys, our Christmas candles are perfect for your various Christmas holiday décor. Make pockets of warmth all over your living area with our Christmas candles. Give your home a charming glow and a pleasing scent during the season. Check out our online store for your various Christmas candles.

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