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Decorative candles

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At Ejstrup Lys., we have through-colored decorative candles, ideal for your Christmas, weddings, and home decorations. These decorative candles are handmade using the best quality German paraffin, making sure that the decorative candles will always burn with a beautiful intensive glow.

There are numerous ways of beautifying your living area and filling your home with the scent of cheerfulness. For your various home decorations, decorative candles can be used. Complement the candle with an easy-to-hold candle holder. A couple of decorative ideas for your home using these elegant decorative candles include

Use with a jar candle holder

This is a traditional style you can adopt in lighting your home. Rather than messing your kitchen up with lots of empty jars, use your creative mind to turn it into an antique piece for holding your decorative candles. You can stick pictures on the body of the jar, or carefully enclose the jar with tissue papers. In addition, rather than making use of ordinary decorative candles, make a tradition but attractive lanterns using oil. What you get is a stunning appearance of your home.

Use multicolor candles

Get a couple of decorative candles of different colors. Neatly arrange them on a wood hanging from your wall. You can likewise turn your colored decorative candles into wonderful pieces of art by making use of stencils in creating beautiful designs. Add a couple of glass beads after the design. Perfect!

Decorate your bathroom

For bathroom decorations, you can just float colored decorative candles in the tub either at your bathroom or at your guests’ bathroom. You can also place them in a big container beautifully decorated using flowers petals. Complement it using any other embellishment as a way of adding to the flair.

Turn Up the Party Heat

Decorative candles are ideal for your parties. Obviously, candles can never be too much at a party. Fill up a long tray using decorative candles. Light them up. You can also place it in the middle of your table. This will definitely add more life to your party.

Use wooden holders

Wood is usually taken for granted, but if arranged in the appropriate style, it will add glamor to the interior of your living area. You can use wooden blocks to make any design you want. Properly place the decorative candles on the arrange piece. An elegant and beautiful home setting awaits you. Since wood is flammable, you have to be very careful. Maintain an isolation amid the candle and wood by making use of a jar or an old glass.

Decoration ideas are really much. You just need to be creative. In addition, use candle rings made from the material such as beads. This is exceptional for both every day and occasional designs. The decorative candle wick, oil, and fragrance are extra features which make your home candle décor something your guest and neighbors will be amazed to see. Check out our online store for your high burning, high quality, and intense warm glow decorative candles.

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