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Taper candles

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A key feature which differentiates a taper candle has to be its unique size and shape. A taper candle is thin and long. The candle tapers to a point. This slender and long shape of the candle makes the taper candle exceedingly versatile. On combining it with a taper candle holder, the taper candle just turned into a decorative feature on its own. How best can you enhance the look of your home if not through this?

At Ejstrup Lys., our taper candles are colored all through. They come in different variants: marble taper candles, cleated taper candles, as well as ordinary taper candles. There taper candles are of three different sizes of over 40 colors. Our taper candles are through dyed.

All that is required for making lovely and exclusive candlelight using taper candles is being creative. Taper candles are perfect for numerous occasions. You can easily adapt them to fit the style of your home and the occasion. Some taper candle home decorating ideas include:

Get more romantic

Intimacy is the best to display by a meal shared having candlelight around. Get romantic with your dinners today with these taper candles. The sleek and long design are perfect enough to light up your dinner nights. However, you can make use of a taper candle holder to prevent candle wax from dripping from above down into your meal.

Place in Glass holders

The warm and soft glow coming from a single taper candle is really admiring. This kind of glow is definitely spoken a lot about the appearance of your home. Infuse a welcome sophistication into your home by making use of a cluster of tapered candles placed in glass holders.

Made for your tables

Tall slender candles are really wonderful. They make a statement about your home. Carefully arrange them on the taper candle holder and get a stunning look on your dining tables, wedding tables and lots more. Bring out the creativity by mixing different colors. Not only will you table look more fascinating, you home will likewise be filled with a pleasant scent.

Include ornaments

Ornaments turn out to be flawless when added to taper candles placed on a candle holder. Several types of ornaments are being used for pieces of jewelry. Ornaments can likewise be used to decorate your taper candles. They will make a big statement in your home. You can easily hang them to the taper candle holders. As the light from the candles shines on them, the ornament glitters. Expect a stunning look of your home.

Design with glass paint

Glass paint are ideal when used to design the taper candles. You can customize your taper candles with painted decorations. This is a very attractive method of personalizing your taper candles for your weddings, birthdays, and various other occasions.

Enhance the appearance of your living area using Ejstrup Lys. Taper Candles. Purchase our taper candles to decorate your romantic dinner nights, birthday tables, wedding tables, and lots more. You can also get one of our candle rings to hold your taper candles, or you can just combine with the rest of our beautiful candlesticks.

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