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Decorate your home using our beautiful LED candles with batteries. These LED candles are safe and ideal for families even with children all over, giving your living area a bright light effect. Create warmth and an inviting ambiance in your home using flickering LED Candles to am. LED candles are flameless, safe, and drip-free. You can simply place them anywhere around your home. They are ideal for all parties and occasions.

Unlike burning candles, you have nothing to worry about. Our LED block candles feature a rustic surface made using real wax. The LED candles have been eroded with battery modules installed. The LED candle features an authentic look. They are purely aesthetic. Some home decorating ideas using LED candles include:

Line the Entryway & Staircase

Strategically arrange the set of LED candles by your entryway. You can also line them up on your stairs, and light the way up your staircase, or place them on a tall platform or surface to further enhance the appearance of your home.

Create a Centerpiece

Looking for how to create a stylish centerpiece for your wedding parties or birthday parties, why don’t you make use of these wonderful LED candles for your occasions? You will be really amazed by the outcome. Arrange a group of LED candles on a mirror which runs through your wedding table. What you get, simply gorgeous!

Place the candles in surprising vessels

LED candles secured in small pebbles or sand in wine glasses will cast a romantic shadow on your table. This gives the place a majestic look.

Transform your table

A quick and easy to transform your table to take in the holiday spirit is by covering a platter or shallow tray using lots of LED candles of different sizes, the reflection, and light from the candles is a beautiful appearance to always appreciate.

Pair with astonishing pieces

Display LED candles on top of some unused Champagne flutes. You can flip the flutes upside down. Also, group them on a tabletop or mantel.

Let Them Flicker

Flickering candles will always make a statement when used to decorate the home. Give your home a wonderful look on all occasion. With some LED candles, set the atmosphere for an alfresco dinner.

Decorate for the holiday

For your Thanksgiving or Halloween display, turn your gourds and pumpkins into candle holders by making some hollow portion at the center. Place the LED candles in the hollow portion. Place them all around your home. Watch as the bright light gives your home a brand new look.

Add a bit of sophistication and elegance to your home by making use of our wide collection of LED candles. At Ejstrup Lys, we have everything capable of transforming your living area into an ambiance of ultimate coziness. You can get your spectacular LED candles at our online store.

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