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Sphere candles

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At Ejstrup Lys we have sphere candles which can be integrated into your weddings, Christmas, and home decorations. These sphere candles are made using the best quality German paraffin. They burn a clean flame with a beautiful intensive glow. Our Sphere Candles are perfect when creating a beautiful candlelight setting for your wedding or home decor.

We have sphere candles having 8 cm thickness and 6 cm diameter. They come in over ten distinct colors. Our sphere candles are solid colored and feature a rustic surface. Coupled with our decorations dishes, they can fit in seamlessly into your home or occasions. There are several ways of beautifying your home with the scent of cheerfulness. For your various home decorations, sphere candles can be used. A couple of decorative ideas for your home using these elegant decorative candles include:

Sporty room for your kids

Give your children play area a beautiful and sporty look with sphere candles featuring football designs. You can place it in the center of the table. Add little animal décor product to give it an enhanced stylish look.

Bountiful bowl

Get a moderate bowl, you can go for one with a silver color. Place a sphere candle in the bowl. Add some large pinecones, fresh loose greens, pears, ornaments to give it a natural look. If you love or admire contrasting textures, you can tuck in antlers.

Berry red display

Fill up a bowl using red cranberries, stick a rustic sphere candle in the middle of the bowl. You can also complement the look using a red rose. Keep the rose flower fresh by placing the stem in a florist’s water. Furthermore, add a couple of evergreen sprigs for providing accent color.

Make candlestick cones

Get a couple of silver coated pinecones. This is perfect for a sparkling display. Group many on a tray. You can include some silver or blue ornaments in the try to get more impact. At the center of it all, place the sphere candle. This will definitely catch the attention of your visitors. You can paint the pinecones by applying metallic silver spray paint.

Serve up a centerpiece

Create a showy centerpiece by placing solid-color ball ornaments beside a sphere candle placed in a transparent glass vase. Put everything in a tray. You can even go on to sprinkle faux snow all around the display. Wrap up the candle using matching ribbon.

Cranberry glow

For simple holiday décor, place a sphere candle inside a glass cylinder. Surround with cranberries. Add more style by adding a couple of shimmering ornaments at the base.

At Ejstrup Lys, our sphere candles are perfect for your various home décor. Make pockets of warmth all over your living area with our sphere candles. Give your home a charming glow and a pleasing scent during the season. Check out our online store for your various sphere candles.

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