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Spiderweb candles

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Searching for decoration ideas for your Halloween party or for your home which are simple but spooky? Spiderweb candles are the perfect solution. When it comes to your various Halloween table decor, with the spiderweb candles from Ejstrup Lys, it doesn’t get much easier than.

These spiderweb candles come with a beautiful spiderweb pattern on the outer. This is an attractive feature making it perfect for your Halloween and other occasions. They come in various sizes and colors. Our spiderweb candles are made using high-quality clean wax from Germany. This ensures that when the candle burns, what you get is a clean, intense flame. Also, the candle is capable of burning for long.
Give your home and occasions an elegant look with these decorative ideas using the brilliantly colored spiderweb candles.

Pyramid of candles and ornaments

Make a pyramid design using spider candles. Place colorful ball ornaments around it to give it a magnificent look. You can make use of glue dots to stick the ball ornaments together. Fill the rest of the space with greens or pinecones. This gives a fantastic design which befits every occasion.

White holiday

Create a small tree. Make it the center of attraction of your dinner table. You can use white artificial trees to give it a simple, classy look. Anchor the tree using a tin pain. Then, decorate the tree using spiderweb candles. Add some white light, and a couple of paper starts.

Bright idea

It’s time to stop disposing your Christmas bulbs or keeping them till the next Christmas. This is a wonderful decorative idea. You can recycle the Christmas bulbs and convert them to a simple centerpiece. Place a single spiderweb candle in a glass or flat dish. Fill it up with other festive-color lights. This area won’t go unnoticed.

Floral fun

Light up your home using these wonderful spiderweb candles. Place the candles in glass vases. Decorate the vases using colorful papers. Simply cut out small pieces of papers which perfectly fits around the vases. Secure using double-sided tape. Tie a red ribbon or red string around the vases. Attach one or two silver bells. Insert winter bouquets to fill up the remaining space.

Snowy scenes

Make a white Christmas by making use of cheap glass cylinders. Place a smaller cylinder in a larger cylinder. At the center of it all, light a spiderweb candle. Sprinkle fake snow between the two cylinders. Make sure the candle is at the center of it all. You can also nestle a little twig on one side of the snow. You can arrange cylinders of various sizes be displayed.

The glowing pools of spiderweb candle is an ideal approach of lighting up your various occasions. We have lots of elegant, festive spiderweb candles which are able to suit any home style. Fill your home with light and a pleasant scent. Give your home a fascinating glow this season. Check out our online store, for your various spiderweb candles.

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