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One of the hardest truths about owning a house is that you can’t generally afford how costly your décor taste can be. There are approaches to compromise, and still get awesome ideas as regards decorating your home.
At Ejstrup Lys, we offer arts, décor products and decorations including knickknacks, lanterns, candlesticks, tealighttruffle, decorative dishes, vases or stoneware for your various decoration like fellowship table, birthday tables, wedding tables and home beautification. We offer exceptional interior decorating ideas which uplift the style of your living space.

Decorate With Candlesticks

One of the most inspiring things about the holidays might be family and companions assembled to have fun and celebrate the season. Ensure your home fits into this comfortable occasion by integrating the shine from candlelight into your holiday, Halloween, Christmas and New Year decorations.
The radiant pools of candlelight make pockets of warmth all through your home. Elegant, festive candle decorations can suit any style. Include candles as accents. You can also fashion a centerpiece from candlesticks and fill your home with light just to match the glow of the season.

Decorate With Knickknacks

Try not to be reluctant to pepper your living area with knickknacks. The most effortless and snappiest approach for decorating your living area is by displaying fascinating knickknacks around the home. Place the knickknacks in spots where they’re probably going to get loads of attention.

Use Decorative Dishes

Use your creative instinct and include some decorative dishes on the wall in your living area. Utilize wall decals and stickers to provide a decorative touch. Wall paintings and decorative dishes that make use of a whole wall will definitely go on to transform your living space into city simple or nature space with a couple of simple steps. How else can you beauty your living area if not with our wonderful decorative dishes?


Scented tea light truffle is ideal for decorating with the aroma. These colorful little candles offer bunches of potential outcomes. Utilize various tea light truffle for sensational style, or alone for a fragrant atmosphere in your living space. Tea light truffle is likewise perfect gift ideas for your hosts.

Decorate With Lanterns

Lanterns look flawless amid the day or night for all styles of homes, weddings, and other occasions. You can hang your lanterns on the roof, from trees and so on. You can utilize them on steps and windowsills, walls, centerpieces, and entranceways.

They look dazzling when filled with flowers amid the day, and also look stunning when lit at night. Lanterns can both be your lighting and decoration. Why won’t you fall in love with this? Check out our online store, get a lantern for your home today.

Decorate using Vases or Stoneware

Whenever the idea of vases or stoneware pops up, our mind goes to the beautiful bloom vases which adorn the eating table or the side table in the lounge. Vases are a brilliant method for transforming a forgotten and dull corner into a point of attraction in a room. The assortment which vases or stoneware offer permits you to utilize them in different diverse settings effortlessly. They work well in each living area and frequently fit in pleasantly with your existing decoration idea and theme.

Place the Vase at the entry or front door: When visitors stroll into your home they ought to get a feeling of your style right away. Take a stab at utilizing a decorative vase or stoneware to beautify your front door, stairway, or even the passage. Assemble a gorgeous mirror or artwork and two or three decorative vases. The mirror will definitely open up your lobby, reflecting the gorgeous décor of the space. The attention given to this area won’t be disregarded.

At Ejstrup Lys, we offer fascinating decor things paying little heed to the season. Make your own crafts using our quality candles. Decorate your home with our knickknacks, lanterns, tea light truffle, decorative dishes, vases or stoneware. We promise you decorative results of high caliber. You can also purchase our handiworks to decorate your wedding table, living area, birthday tables and lots more.

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