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At Ejstrup Lys, we offer a large selection of candle rings for you to use with candles. Our various candle rings come in a variety of colors and sizes. Hence, there is something for every season. We have everything from small diameter rings to fit around the base of taper candles to large inch rings that fit your pillar candles. Our candle rings come in varieties of colors which will match any birthday, occasion, or event decorating scheme.

Candle ring – Knobs

These candle rings are designed to add glamor and style to your various home and party decors while holding your candle in place. They are ideal for your wedding, holiday decorations, and everyday décor. They are perfect for transforming the look of your home.

Candle ring – Pattern

This is a perfect item to help elevate your décor. Enhance your home using this candle ring which is sure to help decorate any table or any room in your home. This is a unique seasonal décor product with premium quality. It is also a great gift item for family and friends.

Candle ring – Classic Glass

Transforms your dining tables as well as your home using these candle rings. The beautiful color and the glass material will add sparkle to your holiday, weddings and party décor. Celebrate the season with these intricately designed candle rings.

Candle ring – Gold Edge

Enhance the look of your living area using this candle rings. Provide support for your candles, and at the same time decorate your home. They are suitable for your various Christmas decorations. They can easily fit into every style of home including offices.

Candle ring – Glass

Enhance the various corners in your living room using the candles rings. You can also create a path leading to your front door with these candles rings for a special occasion. Create different designs. Make your home appealing and attractive as your guest come in to celebrate and rejoice with you.

Candle ring – Antique

Give your home a classic look by combining these antique candles rings with sparkling tree ornaments and wood pieces. They will look really stunning. Christmas stars, Ribbons, or colorful buttons can come in handy when trying to create a unique design. Not only will they hold your candles in place, they will also give your home an elegant appearance.

At Ejstrup Lys, we can provide you with candle rings for your home, parties, and events. We have lots of candle rings featuring lovely designs, and materials, all of which can help enhance the appearance of your living space. Check our online store to get your candle rings.

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