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Napkins make a simple and stylish cloth for your home and various occasions. Our napkins are a great way of adding a decorative touch to your tables, chairs and lots more. These napkins cope very well with splashes and spills. Our napkins are cut from beautiful fabrics. For your various home decorations, we have Textile napkins, Luncheon napkins, and Dinner napkins.

Napkins are perfect for various home design and décor. Gorgeously folded napkins give your occasion a greater sense of attraction. They also create the scene for a holiday meal to remember. For best results, you can choose from any of our textile, luncheon, and dinner napkins. They are clean, well-pressed napkins that come with various designs. Best of all, our napkins are precut, they come with finished edges. They can be easily used as they are. Some wonderful decoration ideas using napkins include:

Napkin covered boxes

You can improve the appearance of your gift boxes by perfectly covering them with suitable pieces of napkin. Simply remove the lid of the box and set it aside. Discard the metal label holder. With the napkin placed facedown, spray the box on its outside using an adhesive.
Spray the center of the napkin as well. Fold the napkin over the sides of the box. Create a crisp seam by tucking the fabric at the corners. Trim away excess napkin fabric. Do the same for the lid of the box. You will forever appreciate the new appearance.

Trick out a lamp

Decorate your lamp using a napkin. Wrap the napkin all around the lamp. Watch as the light from the lamp reflects the design on the napkin. You light up your home, you also give it a brand new look.

New curtains

Tired of the traditional curtains, why don’t you try out something different. Attach some of these napkins to your blinds, or window area. The beautiful design, as seen from the outside, mixed with the light reflection from the inside is simply wonderful.

At Ejstrup Lys, we provide you with attractive napkins having wonderful designs for decorating your home. You can place them on the table, or on other places. Add a bit of sophistication and elegance to your home by making use of our wide collection of napkins. At Ejstrup Lys., we have everything capable of transforming your living area into an ambiance of ultimate coziness. You can get your spectacular napkins at our online store.

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