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Dinner napkins

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Dinner Napkins make a simple and stylish piece of fabric for your home. Our napkins are a great way of adding a decorative touch to various parts of your home. These dinner napkins are finely cut from beautiful fabrics.

Napkins are perfect for the decoration of your home. Gorgeously folded dinner napkins give your occasion a greater sense of attraction. They are clean, well-pressed napkins which come with lots of attractive designs. Some wonderful decoration ideas using napkins include:

Napkin Bow

Adore the party table using these dinner napkins. Making a bow on every plate is a wonderful way to spike a plain napkin, giving your party guests something to adore and cheer about. Spread out a dinner napkin. Make it lie flat. Fold the opposite sides in such a way that they meet at the middle. Fold the napkin again at the middle forming a narrow, ribbon-like shape. Fold the short ends, let them meet at the center. You can hold it with a pin, or glue. This is a wonderful decoration idea using the napkin.

Make stamped borders

Using a pencil eraser coupled with a fabric paint, give your dinner napkins a little personality. You can stamp a bright border having any beautiful pattern you fancy for your various occasions.

Napkins with stars

Make your party tables instantly fun by enhancing your dinner napkins using silver fabric paint or satin cords. You can also use star-like fruit and lots more.

Napkin in Bloom

Delight your guests by tucking flowers into the napkins. You can slip the stem in little water vials, then tuck it into the napkins.

Red & white setting

Transform your home from casual to wonderful by a mixture of a red and white napkin. Stuff your napkin with an evergreen sprig. Add craftily arrangement of silverware. You can also add a little white mat, layered white and red dishes, coupled with a frame of twigs. This is a simply gorgeous dinner setting.

Christmas cracker napkin

Add a touch of class to your Christmas decoration. This is a Christmas setting which will add glamor to your holiday table. Roll a red dinner napkin with silver jingle bells. Make it look like Christmas cracker.

At Ejstrup Lys, we provide you with lots of attractive dinner napkins having wonderful designs for decorating your home. You can place them on the table, or various parts of your home. Add a bit of sophistication and elegance to your home by making use of our wide collection of dinner napkins. At Ejstrup Lys, we have everything capable of transforming your living area into an ambiance of ultimate coziness. You can get your spectacular dinner napkins at our online store.

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