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Textile napkins

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Textile Napkins are a great way of adding sophistication and style to your home. These napkins are made using a stylish piece of fabric and are suitable for your home décor. Our napkins are a great way of adding a decorative touch to various parts of your home. These textile napkins are neatly cut from beautiful fabrics.

At Ejstrup Lys, we are dedicated to providing you with various craft ideas using napkins which will express the creativity in you. Gorgeously folded dinner napkins give your occasion a greater sense of attraction. They are clean, well-pressed napkins which come with lots of attractive designs. The following are a list of simple napkin décor ideas which can be quickly made using textile Napkin.

Gift-Wrapped Table Setting

Imitate the various gifts by packaging the setting of your Christmas table just like a present. Layer a couple of textile napkin in-between your china dishes. You can also use a complementary ribbon to wrap the setting. Finish it by tying a bow at the center.

Simple Sophistication

Add a tad bit of color to a textile napkin. You can make use of a thin white-and-red-striped ribbon. Furthermore, tie the ribbon to form a knot. You can free the ends, adding a playful and colorful appearance to a crisp place setting.

Evergreen Napkin Display

For your holiday table setting, place some textile napkins on the table. Complement it using petite ornament ball coupled with a sprig of greenery. This is a simply gorgeous embellishment. You can hold together the napkin using colorful ribbon to fasten the twig and ornament in place.

Star-Top Tree Napkin

This is quite simple and easy to do. With just a couple of creative folds, fold the textile napkins into wonderful shapes and designs. Top the fold using a silver star. This is enough to get your guest impressed.

Clothespin Napkin Ring

Hold a textile napkin together using a charming holiday napkin ring. You can make them from various clothespins covered using scrapbook paper. To make the setting simply gorgeous, place a colored bowl beside the everyday white plate.

At Ejstrup Lys, we provide you with lots of attractive textile napkins having wonderful designs for decorating your home. You can place them on the table, or various parts of your home. Add a bit of sophistication and elegance to your home by making use of our wide collection of textile napkins. At Ejstrup Lys, we have everything capable of transforming your living area into an ambiance of total comfort. You can get your beautiful textile napkins at our online store.

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