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Give your living space a reflection of elegance with the right decorating theme which suits you flawlessly. Do you wish for a cozy cottage having distressed finishes, and floral prints? Or maybe you desire a modern style having cool colors and sleek lines and cool colors, or you are just looking for timeless colors, and elegant decoration products? At Ejstrup Lys., we can provide you with lots of decoration products for your home, parties, and events.

In case you wish to create themes including summer, birthday, christening, confirmation, Easter, wedding, Christmas and New Year, we have various items that can give your occasions and the holiday season the desired look. We have a wide range of products including handcrafted candles, picturesque interior decorations, and ornaments, suitable for your home and your parties.


These are items that will help transform the appearance of your room into your private sanctuary, giving it the desired look for the summer. Perfect for any type and style of room including living rooms, dorm rooms, bedrooms, and lots more. This product matches well with various color palettes of furniture, rugs, and various other home decor accessory. They are made using high-quality materials. Anyone from any profession will be excited with the difference these décor products bring into your home.


A birthday theme lets you and your birthday get creative. Select a theme which captures your interests and uses that the items to plan and decorate your birthday party activities. Focusing on a particular theme will help you avoid the stress of too many options. Create a glamorous birthday celebration using our birthday décor products to thrill each and every guest at your party. With a couple of props, tablecloths, flowers, ornaments, and lots more, you’ll make a birthday party decoration which merits a standing ovation.


The Christening ceremony of any baby is definitely a really big event. If you are still thinking about the perfect theme, or just looking for the products to give the occasion the desired look, we’ve got your back. At Ejstrup Lys., we have lots of beautiful and precious product that will give your christening occasion a befitting one. Find your perfect christening party theme product which will suit this extra special occasion, each with decorations, tableware, and accessories to match. Since it only happens once, you out to think of right Christening decorations that will create long-lasting memories.


Our confirmation décor products are special items you and your guests will want to keep for a long time. These products will make your confirmation ceremony chic and unique. Make sure to commemorate your special day with love, faith, and a special décor theme product which fits it all perfectly.


Evoke your favorite Easter memories by decorating with lovely products. Thrill every guest at your Easter party. Decorate the party using the right product which fits into the season.


A wedding day celebration calls for lovely things. This is the perfect chance for both the bride and groom to display their personalities and love for something special to them. Make the occasion a unique one using our wedding theme products. Use a specific theme which will typically create an unforgettable experience for both the couple and their guests.

Christmas and New Year

Improve the appearance of your home and parties during the Christmas and New Year season with our décor product. Transform you home into an ambiance of comfort, give your guest something to always appreciate.

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