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Create a glamorous birthday celebration using our birthday décor products to thrill each and every guest at your party. With a couple of props, tablecloths, flowers, ornaments, and lots more, you’ll make a birthday party decoration which merits a standing ovation.

A birthday theme lets you and your birthday get creative. Select a theme which captures your interests and use that the items to plan and decorate your birthday party activities. Focusing on a particular theme, will help you avoid the stress of too many options.

Tea light truffle

Scented tea light truffle is ideal for decorating with the aroma. These colorful little candles offer bunches of potential outcomes. Utilize various tea light truffle for sensational style, or alone for a fragrant atmosphere at your birthday party. Tea light truffle is likewise perfect gift ideas for your hosts.

Mirror plate with silver

Our mirror plate with silver decoration is perfect decorating accessories for your birthday. They help in reflecting light, enlarging space, and giving your home a startling appearance. These mirror plates can transform your birthday décor from ordinary to exclusive. These mirrors can be used under candles and other decorations. Mirrors always cast a beautiful glow in decorations. They are beautiful and can be used at several parties.

Dinner napkin

Our dinner napkins add a special touch of glamor to your birthday parties. For your birthday party decorations or any other occasion, our dinner napkins are the perfect fit. Add a timeless touch to any event and occasion using these wonderfully made dinner napkins. We also offer a variety of product which add a special touch to any occasion.

Lunch napkin

These products are high quality, color matching and provide the right type of elegance and attention to your birthday party. Select from a full spectrum of design and colors to mix, match and mingle with other décor products.

Table runner

These table runners are perfect for your birthday decorations, as well as for everyday use. These table runners are perfect for your indoor and outdoor dining experiences. They are really attractive, adding depth, glamor, and personality to any of your birthday party tabletop settings.

Ornate decoration

Use this elegant and ornate decoration product to make your birthday parties more gentle and fragrant. Using this ornate decoration set, provide your birthday party, including your room with a fantastic look, and make your life more wonderful. They are beautiful and can be used at several parties and occasions. Give your living space a feeling of class with our ornate decoration set.

At Ejstrup Lys, we have lots of birthday theme products including pottery vase with thin neck, Tea light truffle, mirror plate with silver, Dinner napkin, Lunch napkin, table runner, ornate decoration, and lots more which can help enhance the appearance of your living space, and also add a touch of elegance into your birthday ceremony. Check our online store to get a suitable birthday theme product.

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