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The Christening ceremony of any baby is definitely a really big event. If you are still thinking about the perfect theme, or just looking for the products to give the occasion the desired look, we’ve got your back. At Ejstrup Lys., we have lots of beautiful and precious product that will give your christening occasion a befitting one.

Find your perfect christening party theme product which will suit this extra special occasion, each with decorations, tableware, and accessories to match. Since it only happens once, you out to think of right Christening decorations that will create long-lasting memories.

Taper candles

The warm and soft glow coming from a single taper candle is really admiring, making it perfect for the christening ceremony of your new child. This kind of glow is definitely spoken a lot about the appearance of your home. Infuse a welcome sophistication into your home by making use of a cluster of tapered candles placed in glass holders.

Dinner Napkin

Transform your home for the christening of your child from casual to wonderful by a mixture of our colorful napkin. Stuff your napkin with an evergreen sprig. Add craftily arrangement of silverware. You can also add a little white mat, layered white and red dishes, coupled with a frame of twigs. This is a simply gorgeous christening event setting.

Table runner

Our table runners are made from the durable and soft material. They are long lasting, soft, and reversible, serving the purpose of extended use. These table runners are excellent for decorating your christening occasion tables as well as shielding your table against stains and scratches.

Place cards

Our table place cards are great for your christening event parties, wine glass decoration, home decoration, and lots more. They add a fabulous and stunning effects. Add an elegant and professional touch to the Christening ceremony of your child with these table place cards which features lots of wonderful patterns. These beautiful and fun place card will show everyone that you care about even the smallest details.


Customized your tea lights for the christening occasion by making use of paint or nail polish to change the color of your tea lights. This is a great way of adding glamor and style into your home to take in the feeling and excitement of the occasion. Mix a couple of colors. Wait for some time for your color to blend in. Then, turn out the candles. Stunning collections of tea lights await you.

Sphere candles

Give your children christening ceremony a beautiful and sporty look with sphere candles. You can place it in the center of the table. Add little animal décor product to give it an enhanced stylish look.

Block candles

Do not hesitate to beautify the various areas in your home with our block candle. This has to be snappiest and most effortless approach for beautifying your tables, room, stairway, corridor and various other areas in your home for the christening ceremony of your child. Display charming block candles all over your home. Place the block candles in various locations where they will get lots of attention.

At Ejstrup Lys, we have lots of christening ceremony theme products including Taper candles, Dinner Napkin, Table runner, Place cards, Tealights, Sphere candles, Block candles, and lots more which can help enhance the appearance of your living space. Check our online store to get a suitable christening ceremony theme product.

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