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Our confirmation décor products are special items you and your guests will want to keep for a long time. These products will make your confirmation ceremony chic and unique. Make sure to commemorate your special day with love, faith, and a special décor theme product which fits it all perfectly.

We have collected a wide range of different products that are relevant to your various upcoming confirmation-party. We have decorated several decorative dishes, which can be purchased complete – just to put on confirmation table.

Place cards

Our table place cards are made of high-quality art paper. Put the name of guests in the blank place if you need. This will make your confirmation party elegant and glamorous, allowing your guests to feel unique. Add an elegant and professional touch to your confirmation party with these table place cards which features lots of wonderful patterns. These beautiful and fun place card will show everyone that you care about even the smallest confirmation party details.


The radiant pools of tealight truffle make pockets of warmth throughout your living area and your confirmation party. Elegant, festive Tealighttruffle decorations are able to suit any style. Include tealight truffle in your confirmation ceremony and home as accents.

Table runner

These are made from durable and soft material. They are long lasting, soft, and reversible, serving the purpose of extended use. These table runners are excellent for decorating confirmation party tables and protecting your table against stains and scratches.

Ornate decoration

This is a wonderful ornate decoration set having rustic block candle for your confirmation party décor. It is also ideal to decorate your home, weddings, and various other occasions, making them appear sophisticated, glamorous, with a pleasant atmosphere.

Decoration Stones

Our decoration stones comprise of rocks of different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are perfect for home and confirmation party decorations. These decoration stones are also perfect for your various arts & crafts project. They also look great on invitations, sketchbooks, and lots more.


This is a stylish craft box made using high-quality materials. It is really a romantic décor product for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, parties, and various other occasions. It is great to use as a cookie box or for Decoration or for candy. This is a really adorable method of presenting your various holiday gift. With this, you can decorate your confirmation party and present your gifts in wonderful ways.

Mirror plate with silver decoration

Our mirror plate with silver decoration is a wonderful decorating accessory for your confirmation party. They help in reflecting light, enlarging space, and giving your home and various other occasions a startling appearance. These highly reflective small mirrors come in many different shapes. Select from round, square or rectangle. Each of these mirrors has a beautiful edge. Use with our variety of pillar and decorative candles to make an outstanding display at your confirmation party.

At Ejstrup Lys, we have lots of confirmation party theme products including place cards, tealight truffle, table runner, ornate decoration, decoration stones, candy-box, and lots more which can help enhance the appearance of your living space. Check our online store to get a suitable confirmation party theme product.

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