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Evoke your favorite Easter memories by decorating with lovely Easter theme products. Thrill every guest at your Easter party. Decorate the party using the right product which fits into the season. We have gathered an extensive variety of various items that are pertinent to your Easter decorations.

Our Easter stylistic layout items are exceptional things you and your visitors will need to keep for quite a while. These items will make your Easter celebration glamorous and exceptional. Celebrate your Easter with affection, confidence, and an uncommon stylistic layout subject item which fits it all consummately.

Ornate Decoration

This is a great ornate decoration set having natural piece flame for your Easter stylistic theme. It is perfect to design your home, weddings, and different events, making them seem refined, impressive, with a charming outlook.


The brilliant pools tealight truffle make pockets of warmth all through your home. Exquisite, happy flame designs can suit any style of home and also makes your Easter celebration wonderful.

Table Place cards

Our table place cards are made of top notch workmanship paper. Put the name of visitors in the clear place on the off chance that you require. This will make your Easter celebration rich and captivating, permitting your visitors to feel extraordinary. Include a rich and expert touch to your Easter celebration with these table place cards which highlights a multifaceted and sentimental example. These lovely and fun place card will indicate everybody that you think about even the littlest Easter celebration points of interest.

Table runner

These table runners are fantastic for improving your Easter celebration party tables and ensuring your table against stains and scratches. This will help to augment your table’s life. Make a statement at your Easter celebration party today using these stylish set of textile table runners that come with lots of wonderful design.

Candy box

This is a classy art box made utilizing astounding materials. It is truly a sentimental style item for engagements, weddings, commemorations, parties, and different events. It is incredible to use as a treat box or for Decoration or for Easter themed parties. This is a truly delightful strategy for exhibiting your different occasion blessing. With this, you can exhibit your blessings in magnificent ways.

Decorations Stones

Our decorations stones involve rocks of various shapes, sizes, and hues. They are ideal for home and occasion embellishments. These adornment stones are additionally ideal for your various Easter themed party decorations and artworks. They additionally look awesome at your home and parties.

Mirror plate with silver decoration

Our mirror plate with silver embellishment is flawless for enhancing your home and occasions. They help in reflecting light, broadening space, and giving your home a startling appearance. These very intelligent little mirrors come in various shapes. Select from round, square or rectangle. Each of these mirrors has an excellent edge. Use with our assortment of pillar, sphere, and beautiful candles to make an extraordinary show.

At Ejstrup Lys, we have heaps of Easter themed items including Ornate Decoration, Tealighttruffle, Table Place cards, Table runner, Candy box, Decorations Stones, Mirror plate with silver decoration more which can upgrade the presence of your living space as well as your Easter themed party decorations. Check our online store to get a reasonable Easter themed item.

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