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Our summer theme products are items that will help transform the appearance of your room into a private sanctuary as the summer sets in. They are exactly what you need to give your home the desired look for the summer.

Perfect for any type and style of room including living rooms, dorm rooms, bedrooms, and lots more. This product matches well with various color palettes of furniture, rugs, and various other home decor accessory. They are made using high-quality materials. Anyone from any profession will be excited with the difference these décor products bring into your home.

Lunch napkin

These great lunch napkins can be used for your various events such as birthday parties, barbecues, baby showers, graduation parties, weddings, bridal showers, summer themed parties, or any other type of occasion. You can also look for colorful plates, cutlery, and tablecloths to match them up.

These products are high quality, color matching and provide the right type of elegance and attention for your occasion. Select from a full spectrum of design and colors to mix, match and mingle with other décor products.

Glass with wax

Whether you’re planning a family gathering, an intimate dinner, or a huge party, our glass with wax can provide the right theme for the occasion. These beautiful filled glasses are can be used at your home, parties, events and every other occasion. The glass is high quality, enhancing its appearance and prevent it from cracking.

Round cement candle

From event planners to home decorators, a premium quality traditional candle holder is always put to good use. This will improve any event with its warm light and bring a sense of harmony and romance.

Block candle with lighthouse

These block candles can complement any decor. They are smooth great looking natural colored candle ideal for all your home decoration. It is also a great gift for Christmas and a wonderful set for your home. This is a must for home decor, office, restaurant, children rooms, wedding parties, and much more.

Dinner Napkin

Our dinner napkin is soft and strong, featuring a cloth-like texture. These dinner napkins add a special touch to any occasion, meal or moment. For your home decorations or even your breakfast, dinner and every meal whatsoever, our dinner napkins are the perfect fit. Add a timeless touch to any event and occasion using these wonderfully made dinner napkins. We also offer a variety of product which add a special touch to any occasion.

At Ejstrup Lys, we have lots of summer theme products including lunch napkin, glass with wax, Round cement candle, Block candle with lighthouse, dinner napkin and lots more which can help enhance the appearance of your living space. Check our online store to get a suitable summer theme product.

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