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A big day festivity calls for exquisite things. This is the ideal possibility for both the lady of the hour and groom to show their identities and love for something unique to them. Make the event a novel one utilizing our wedding theme items. Utilize a particular theme which will commonly make a remarkable affair for both the couple and their visitors.

Mirror plate with silver decoration

Our mirror plate with silver adornment is perfect for upgrading the style of your home and wedding parties. They help in reflecting light, widening space, and giving your wedding party and home a startling appearance. These exceptionally shrewd little mirrors come in different shapes. Select from round, square or rectangle. Each of these mirrors has an incredible edge. Use with our arrangement of pillar, LED, and excellent candles to make a phenomenal show.

Decoration Stones

Our decoration stones involve rocks of various shapes, sizes, and hues. They are ideal for home and wedding party decorations. These decoration stones are likewise ideal for your different expressions and artworks extend. They can uplift your various wedding party decoration as a result of their sparkling effect.

Lunch napkin

These awesome lunch napkins can be utilized for your different occasions, for example, birthday parties, grills, child showers, graduation parties, weddings, pre-wedding parties, wedding themed parties, or whatever other kinds of event. You can likewise search for beautiful plates, cutlery, and tablecloths to match them up.
These items are amazing, shading coordinating and give the correct sort of style and consideration for your wedding ceremony. Select from a full range of lunch napkin to coordinate and blend with other stylistic layout items.

Place table cards

Our table place cards are made of top notch craftsmanship paper. Put the name of visitors in the clear place on the off chance that you require. This will make your wedding party rich and spectacular, permitting your visitors to feel one of a kind. Include a rich and expert touch to your wedding party with these table place cards which highlights heaps of brilliant examples. These lovely and fun table place card will indicate everybody that you think about even the littlest wedding party details.

Taper candles

The warm and delicate sparkle originating from a solitary taper light is truly respecting, making it ideal for your various wedding party decorations. This sort of sparkle will unquestionably speak a lot about the presence of your party. Implant an appreciated modernity into your home by making utilization of a group of taper candles set in glass holders.

Dinner Napkin

Change your home and wedding party decoration from simple to awesome by a blend of our beautiful dinner napkin. Stuff your napkin with an evergreen sprig. Include shrewdly set of flatware. You can likewise include somewhat white tangle, layered white and red dishes, combined with a casing of twigs. This is a just perfect wedding décor setting.

At Ejstrup Lys, we have loads of wedding themed products including Mirror plate with silver decoration, Decoration Stones, Lunch napkin, Place table cards, Taper candles, Dinner Napkin which can enhance the appearance of your living space and in addition your wedding themed party designs. Check our online store to purchase any of these wedding décor product.

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