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§1 Orders from Ejstrup Lys
§2 Prices
§3 Payment
§4 Delivery
§5 Return Policy
§6 Warranty
§7 Privacy Policy
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Terms and conditions for purchases on

§1 Orders from Ejstrup Lys

On the website, it’s possible to make electronic purchases for goods.
Shortly after purchasing, an order-confirmation (.PDF) will be sent to the stated email-address. Ejstrup Lys reserves the right to store this order-confirmation (.PDF) – containing personal data. This is subject to the Danish Law (5 years due to demand from accounting law).

§2 Prices

Changing the language, will cause the shown price to be regulated automatically. This adjustment is based on the chosen (language) currency, and the internal pricing of the specific product. Exchange rates respectively: Norwegian (NOK), Swedish (SEK), German (EUR) and English (GBP), the following rates shall apply:

Updated: 15-10-2019 18:45:26
– NOK: 1.3445 kr. (excl. VAT)
– SEK: 1.4498 kr.
– EUR: 0.1339 €
– GBP: 0.1171 £


VAT are as default, included in the displayed price. This is only comprised by the following language: Danish (Denmark), Swedish (Sweden), English (UK) or German (Germany). These countries are in within the EU – meaning, VAT will be charged (incl. in the displayed price) for all private-purchases. Norwegian (Norway) is not within EU (third country), and VAT will not be charged.
A merchant-account can be requested, which will trigger a business-discount – this discount will likewise be regulated, automatically. As soon as the merchant-account application has been processed, we’ll send you an e-mail containing login-information’s to your merchant-account. Hereafter, VAT will be deducted from the displayed price – but will be visible on the payment page.

Errors in the displayed price

Ejstrup Lys reserve the right to cancel an order, or remove specific products from an order, if errors in the displayed price are found. Upon cancellation, the customer will be contacted by telephone or electronically. Note: Ejstrup Lys draws the money once the package is ready to be shipped – and in cases where errors occur, we’ll simply not draw the amount.

Furthermore, Ejstrup Lys reserves the right to cancel any orders, where products have listed wrong information: This include specifications, sold out, prices or typographical errors. If unsure of the product information or price, use the electronic contact form, or contact us at +0045 98 23 54 96 (Danish support) within the listed opening hours.

§3 Payments

Ejstrup Lys supports the following payment options (Card-payments and Bank Transfer):

Card Payment

By foreign cards (currency exchange) is deducted 0.60% of the order value fees. Danish card-payments (DK to DK) are not included in this fee.

Transaction-fees are listed as following:
– VisaDankort (0% fee)
– Visa Electron (0% fee)
– MasterCard (0% fee)
– Maestro (0% fee)

Card-payments are done according to Stripe conditions for the use of payment solutions and payment gateway, which includes secure encryption of card data.

The order will be processed as soon as Ejstrup Lys receives the automatically payment-confirmation. The paying amount will be raised shortly before shipment (read more under delivery)

Bank Transfer

Bank: Bank Vendsyssel
Reg: 9070 Account: 4055600215
IBAN: DK4990704055600215

If the order-amount is not visible at Ejstrup Lys’s account within 14 days (from the date of purchase), Ejstrup Lys reserves the right to cancel the order. If these cases, the customer will be contacted by telephone or electronically.

§4 Delivery

On it’s possible to choose between Post Danmark, GLS and DSV. Freight companies: Post Denmark and GLS is used for all purchases below 50 kg. When purchasing exceeds 50 kg. DSV will be visible on the payment page. The shipment are followed by the carriers’ terms of trade. This means, as soon as the package is transferred to the representative freight company, the responsibility devolves to the specific freight company. If the products have been incurred damage during shipping, contact Ejstrup Lys as soon as possible by telephone or e-mail. Ejstrup Lys will handle the specific RMA-treatment of the damaged goods with the freight company. Refer to the “Damaged package”.

As soon as your order is processed, packed and handed over to the carrier, the customer will be notified by e-mail.

Pick-up in our physical store

You can choose to pick-up your order at our physical store. Select the “Pick-up locally” on the payment page. Ejstrup Lys will process your order, pack your goods, and notify you electronically as soon as the package is ready for pick-up. This option is free.

If your goods are not picked-up within 14 days after the payment date, Ejstrup Lys will contact you regarding this. If Ejstrup Lys are unable to reach you, the order will be canceled and the amount will not be drawn.


Depending on your selected shipping addresses, the orders size, products, as well as selected freight company, delivery time may vary. Ejstrup Lys strives to process all orders the same or next day ahead, and handed over to the freight company.

On each product, the expected delivery time be specified. This delivery time may vary, depending on whether the goods are stocked and produced by Ejstrup Lys, or whether the item is in remote storage. When products with short and long delivery times are combined, the highest delivery appear on the checkout page.

The following table shows the expected delivery times.

LandPost DanmarkGLSDSV
Denmark2-5 workdays.2-5 workdays.2-5 workdays.
England2-5 workdays.2-5 workdays.
Norway2-7 workdays.2-7 workdays.
Sweden2-5 workdays.2-5 workdays.
Germany2-5 workdays.2-5 workdays.
Finland4-6 workdays.4-6 workdays.
France2-5 workdays.2-5 workdays.
Netherlands2-5 workdays.2-5 workdays.
Luxembourg2-5 workdays.2-5 workdays.
Poland3-5 workdays.3-5 workdays.
Austria2-5 workdays.2-5 workdays.
Belgium2-5 workdays.2-5 workdays.

Note: If the ordered items are out-of-stock (the number exceeds our inventory), which means, that Ejstrup Lys have to produce the missing products, or order the products from our business partners, delivery may be extended additionally. In these cases, the customer will be contacted the same or next day ahead (acc. Checkout date) by telephone or electronically.
If the customer wishes to split shipment, this is also an option Ejstrup Lys offers. If the customer wishes to cancel the entire order due to missing items, the payment will not be drawn, and the order will be lifted.

Damaged package

If you receive a damaged package, please contact Ejstrup Lys as soon as possible by telephone or e-mail. Ejstrup Lys is a subject to Danish Law – which state, that Ejstrup Lys is responsible for the product’s condition until the order is delivered to the customers address. The customer may require a price reduction, or cancellation the entire order. The freight costs associated with the return of the damaged goods will be credited to the customer as soon as the damaged item are received and checked by Ejstrup Lys.

§5 Right of revocation

Ejstrup Lys offers 14 days sale or return on all orders. These 14 days starts from the day the customer receives the goods, to the day Ejstrup Lys receives an shipping-confirmation on the package.

Return shipping

If you’ve regret your purchase, and wishes to use our right of revocation, within the 14 days, the customer is required to pay the associated shipping costs. The customer is encouraged to contact Ejstrup Lys on telephone: +45 98 23 54 96 or electronically, in cases where the right of revocation wishes to be used.

The customer is responsible for a proper delivery and packaging for the return shipment. The package should include a copy of the invoice and a note on the cancellation reason.

Ejstrup Lys will shortly after receiving the returned items, examine the condition of them. If the items haven’t been put into use, nor taken damage, the full order-amount is credited to the customer.

Returned goods in a deteriorated or damaged condition, Ejstrup Lys reserves the right to deduct the returned amount whole or partial. This value is determined as an estimate of their commercial value, and assessed by Ejstrup Lys. The customer will be contacted by telephone or electronically accordingly.

The items must be returned to:

Ejstrup Lys, Ejstruphøj 100, DK-9460 Brovst, Denmark

Note that business-purchases are not covered by the general right of withdrawal.

§6 Warranty

To the subject of Danish Law, Ejstrup Lys guarantees 24-month warranty. the Danish Sale of Goods Act covers all defections, that were present, or was the main-reason the defection occurred, when you got the package delivered.

If you want to use the warranty, please contact Ejstrup Lys by telephone or electronically.

§7 Privacy Policy

By using Ejstrup Lys, you agree the use of cookies. We use internal cookies to remember shopping basket’s contents, selected language, login status and other cookies that can increase our customers’ user experience. There are also cookies, among other things, Facebook and Google. We collect anonymous data, which can help to improve the composition on and user experience. Read more about privacy – including the use of cookies on

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